About Us

Who are we?
We are just a group of men and women who know that we have sinned against God and deserve hell, but have found that God sent His Son Jesus Christ to save us from our sins!

What do we want?
We're not trying to sign you up to a church, or a kingdom hall, or a mosque. We're not trying to show you yet another way to try and work your way into heaven (as if that were possible). We just want you to realize that although you have sinned against God and deserve to be thrown into hell too, God is both willing and able to save you through His Son Jesus Christ – if you only turn to Him and call on Him to save you!

Why do we bother?
We do it out of love! Love for God – because He has given us eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord, and love for others – because, like you, we too were once lost and without hope and living one failed heart beat away from the judgment of God!