God Commands All People Everywhere To Repent!

Who is God?
He is the maker of heaven and earth (Genesis 1:1) and the sovereign ruler over all things (including us). He is faultless in character, perfectly righteous in thought, word and deed. He is the lawgiver and judge over all He created. He is also kind, loving and merciful!

Why does God command us to repent?
Because we have rebelled against Him! We have determined in our heart that we will live as we please without regard to our Creator, we have constantly broken His laws (sinned against Him) from our youth!

What laws have I broken?
We must love God with all our heart, and soul, and mind and strength - have you always lived every moment of the day with Him first in your life? We must always speak the truth - do you ever lie? We must not take what doesn't belong to us - have you ever stolen anything? We must not give way to coveting what others have, or to jealousy, or bitterness and anger (and such) - do you find these emotions flaring up in your heart? These are but a few of the laws God has given us to live by - but we have all broken them!

What is repentance?
To repent simply means to turn. To turn from loving sin & self to loving God. To turn from hiding one's sin to confessing it towards God. To turn from unbelief to faith in Christ. To turn from trying to save one's self to trusting in Christ.

Why should I?
Because God has appointed a day in which he will judge the world in righteousness (Acts 17:31) and he has warned us that if we refuse to repent He will throw us into hell (which is a just punishment for our crimes against Him). Because he is just he will see to it that justice is done and that the sin of all sinners everywhere (including yours and mine) is rightfully dealt with.

What gives him that right?
He made the world and everything in it! (Psalm 24)

Is there hope?
Yes! God wouldn't command you to repent and put your faith in Christ if there wasn't! God is merciful and has promised that if we will turn, and confess our sin to Him, and call on him for mercy - He will save us!

Can I be saved apart from repentance and faith in Christ?
No. There is only one way by which we can be saved!

How can God save us?
God does not save us by sweeping our sins under the rug? He does not turn a blind eye to them or pretend they don't exist. Because God is just He must see to it that justice is done, and that all violations of His law are dealt with. Trouble is, we all have violated His law! God knows that we are all guilty and if He didn't do something to save us, we would all be sentenced to hell. So he made a way of escape through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ (the Son of God) lived a perfectly sinless life and therefore was free from any sentence of God's law. He chose to suffer and die in the place of all repentant sinners who would call out to Him to save them.

Is God really that serious about sin?
You better believe it! If you want to see how serious sin is, look at what God did to his Son on the cross! He crushed him (as it says in Isaiah 53)...  God punished Christ in the place of those men and women who would turn and cry out to God for mercy; who would seek God for salvation.

What must I do to be saved?
Repent and believe the gospel! Turn from your sin and selfishness and call out to God to save you! Surrender to God! Look to Christ on the cross and see that He was punished there in your place! Trust God that He will keep His Word - that is, whoever trusts in Christ will be saved!

How will I know if he has saved me?
He will, by His Spirit, make it known to you that you have passed from death to life. This is called being born again! When this happens, God will come and take up residence in your heart and change your life! The sin you once loved you will begin to hate and the God you once hated and ignored you will begin to love! You will have a peace and joy that you've never known before, and an assurance that your sins have been dealt with on the cross.

Can he save me now?
Yes - if you would only repent and believe the gospel!